Saville Consulting Psychometric Accreditation: Transfer Course

Saville Transfer Training

Saville Consulting recognise prior training in similar psychometric assessments and offer a Short Transfer Course to become an accredited user.

This 1-day course is designed to introduce participants to the Saville Consulting suite of psychometric assessments, build familiarity with the Wave Styles assessments and understand the unique technical elements of the assessments.

On this 1-day course, learning includes:

  • New model integrating personality, motivation, competency and culture
  • The development of Saville Consulting Wave
  • Interpreting Saville Consulting Wave Styles
  • Response Style and controlling distortion
  • Motive and Talent 'splits'
  • Normative and Ipsative 'splits'
  • Facet 'splits'
  • Feedback of Saville Consulting Wave
  • Reliability, validity and technical data
  • Practical feedback experience
  • Provides immediate access to the tools

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