How are we assessed?

There are six key indicators of a psychologically healthy workplace:

  • Supportive Leadership: Refers to a leadership style that can respond to the needs of staff, and contributes to an environment that fosters employee engagement, development and support.
  • Role Clarity: The extent to which the organisation provides a sense of purpose and staff know what is expected of them. Expectations of how staff interact with each other are made clear and supported by policies.
  • Staff Engagement: The extent to which staff collaborate, share ideas and solve problems together, leading to a shared understanding and alignment of team goals.
  • Development and growth: The extent to which the organisation recognises the efforts of their employees, and provides appropriate learning and development opportunities.
  • Morale: The emotions staff experience while at work that underpin their motivation and commitment.
  • Workplace stress: The level of anxiety, concern, tension and negativity that employees have about their workplace.

The PeopleCentric Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program aims to set the standard by which organisations can identify how their workplace compares across the above domains based on 15 years of benchmarking data with the aim of improving workplace practices over time.

Once your organisation is approved as being a Psychologically Healthy Workplace, your organisation is certified for three years.

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