How do we become a psychologically healthy workplace?

Our psychologically healthy workplace program is endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society and is based on 15 years of research by Professor Peter Hart.

The four step assessment process is aimed at measuring the extent to which the psychologically healthy workplace factors are present in the workplace environment. The goal is to give you knowledge to improve your workplace productivity, whilst increasing the health and well-being of your employees.

1. An initial meeting.

2. The characterisation of the organisation via the collection of select HR data.

3. Completion of the Insight SRC online survey.

4. A follow-up meeting post-assessment to discuss assessment results.

The survey may uncover areas that require development in your organisation. We can provide you with advice and resources to improve employee well-being, engagement and performance.

Once your organisation is approved as being a Psychologically Healthy Workplace, your organisation is certified for three years. A re-assessment is recommended after any major organisational changes.

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