Comprehension Aptitudes

Invited Access (IA)

Comprehension Aptitudes (IA): Comprehension Aptitudes has been designed for use in an online unsupervised format with operational, administrative, commercial and customer service employees.

This online assessment provides in-depth information on an individual’s verbal (16 min), numerical (16 min) and error checking (6 min) aptitudes.

These unsupervised assessments can be completed individually or together as a battery and are often used for online screening purposes.

Secure Access (SA)

There are four parallel versions of the comprehension level aptitude assessments, each target a specific industry type and provide an in-depth measure of verbal (14 min), numerical (14 min) and error checking (8 min) aptitude. Each assessment can be completed individually or together as a battery.

  • Commercial Aptitudes (SA): sales and counter staff in Retail, Banking and Financial Services.
  • Administrative Aptitudes (SA): administrative staff in private and public sector offices.
  • Operational Aptitudes (SA): employees in Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Transport.
  • Customer Aptitudes (SA): call centres, hospitality, leisure, health and education.

The supervised Comprehension Aptitude assessments include a breakdown of sub-scores.

Verbal Comprehension sub-scores: 

  • Understanding Word Meaning
  • Comprehending Text
  • Making Verbal Inferences

Numerical Comprehension sub-scores: 

  • Understanding Tables
  • Comprehending Graphs
  • Making Numerical Inferences

Error Checking sub-scores:

  • Checking Letters
  • Checking Numbers
  • Checking Codes
  • Spotting Mistakes

Verbal Comprehension Aptitude Report

Numerical Comprehension Aptitude Report

Error Checking Comprehension Aptitude Report

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