Job Interviewing Skills for Students


The Interview Cheat Sheet! Learn to ace job interviews and stand out from the crowd.

All the good stuff other candidates don’t want you to know and recruiters don’t tell you... What are interviewers ‘really’ asking me? What are the things I totally shouldn’t do? Psych testing… can they really read my mind?? Or can I fake it?? What should I ask them?

The Job Interviewing Skills course will cover:

  • Why do employers interview job candidates? What information do employers want to gain from the interview?
  • What can you get out of an interview? What information can you gain from the interview, about the job, the people, the company?
  •  How do employers prepare for an interview? Looking at how employers decide what kind of questions they want to ask. Behaviour-based Interviewing – what is it, how do the questions look like, how to answer them.
  •  How can you prepare for an interview? From where to park and what not to wear to knowing about the company and the job.
  • Enthusiasm: The key to a great interview. How to show that you are motivated, interested and ‘alive’ without being in the interviewer’s  face or faking it.
  •  Interview No-No’s. From being late for the appointment to your body language – the things that will get in the way of you landing the job.
  •  Your 60 Second ‘elevator pitch’ (video-taped for everyone). Okay, tell me a little bit about yourself – your chance to create interest and demonstrate your communication skills.
  •  Your Interview Practice. You will have the chance to practice interviewing in front of an interview panel.
  •  Reflections and Feedback
  •  Psychometric Testing – the fundamental what, why and how of it. What are psychometric tests, what do they look like, what do they tell the employer about me, can I fake them?
  •  Your plan for your next ‘real’ interview. Thinking back on everything you heard and learned during the workshop, create a plan on how you will approach your next real job interview - what you want to look out for, where you want to concentrate on, what you want to practice.

This course costs $80. Spaces are limited. Register now.

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