Saville Consulting Psychometric Accreditation: Comprehensive Course

This course is designed to introduce participants to psychometric assessments including aptitude and personality assessments.

This training is aligned with the British Psychological Society Standards (Level A and B), and the European Guidelines on Testing.

On this 2-day course, learning includes:

  • Using aptitude assessments professionally in the workplace
  • Perspectives on intelligence and aptitudes
  • Understanding norms, reliability and validity
  • Test administration
  • Interpreting assessments and providing feedback
  • Predicting job success and performance
  • Ethics and equal opportunities
  • History of personality, motivation and competency assessment
  • New model integrating personality, motivation, competency and culture
  • Development of Saville Consulting Wave
  • Interpreting Saville Consulting Wave Styles
  • Response style and controlling distortion
  • Motive and Talent 'splits'
  • Normative and Ipsative 'splits'
  • Facet 'splits'
  • 'Type' in the workplace
  • Feedback of assessment results
  • Case studies in selection and development

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