Wave Development

Build Strengths and Grow Capability

The Wave® Development Reports are designed to address the “so what” factor and provide practical advice to help bridge the gap between assessment and personal development planning.

The Wave® Development Report can be powered by Wave® Professional Styles, Wave® Focus Styles or Wave® Performance 360.

The report covers four areas:

  • Possible Overplayed Strengths: Highlights areas where strengths may be over-extended and result in undesired consequences.
  • Building Strengths: Growing and extending in areas which are already good.
  • Development Tips: Building capability.
  • Managing Limitations: Being aware of risks and avoiding problems.

Summary Wave Development Report

This report is built around the individuals highest and lowest Wave scores and presents the:

  • Top 4 Possible Overplayed Strengths
  • Top 8 Managing Strengths
  • Lowest 8 Development Tips
  • Lowest 4 Managing Limitations

Premium Wave® Development Report

This is a longer report and covers all 36 competency areas from the Wave Framework.

The differentiation between Possible Overplayed Strengths, Building Strengths, Development Tips and Managing Limitations is driven by the individual scores on each of the 36 competency areas.

Wave Development Report (Excerpt)

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