Wave Interview Guide

Structured, Focused and Powerful Interviewing

Reduce the risk of making the wrong hiring decision by ensuring your valuable interview time is focused on specific issues raised by the Wave® Behavioural Styles assessment.

Following a structured interviewing process allows you to gather more relevant information about the candidate, to better predict workplace performance.

Designed for use by recruiters, assessors and line managers, interviewers are presented with structured questions and probes to measure both talent (can do) and motive (will do).

Questions are designed to verify strengths and specifically target areas of possible concern identified by the Wave® Styles.

Powered by either Wave® Professional Styles or Wave® Focus Styles, the Interview Guide generates 2-4 structured questions for each of the 12 Wave Sections. Questions are generated dynamically, based on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate – ensuring you get the most out of the interview process.

  • Objective: Structured interviews limit the potential for interview bias.
  • Predictive: Questions probe areas proven to be predictive of job performance.
  • Efficient: Makes better use of valuable interview time by targeting key areas of concern.

Wave Interview Guide