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Recruiting successful sales people can be a frustrating experience for any employer. The ability to sell is not something easily measured through resumes or interviews.

Given the direct impact sales have on your businesses bottom line - hiring the wrong people can be a costly mistake.

Choosing the right people means understanding which qualities separate a great sales person from an average sales person.

Saville Consulting’s extensive research has identified which personality traits are found in successful sales people. The Wave® Sales report hones in on these key traits to predict the selling potential of individuals.

The Sales Report is powered by Wave® Professional Styles and is a strong prediction of Sales Performance, for use in:

  • Selection: Reduce costly hiring mistakes by identifying the sales people who will impact business performance.
  • Coaching and Development: Increase the efficiency of training and development by focusing on areas proven to get the greatest performance out of sales people.
  • Training Needs Analysis: Identify where sales skills and behaviours can be enhanced.
  • Identifying Potential Sales Leaders: Build a strong leadership base by identifying those with the characteristics needed to drive success.

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