Wave Work Roles

Profile an Individual's Most and Least Preferred Team Roles

Effective teamwork is integral to business success. Understanding each individual’s preferred team role can inform the creation of balanced teams and explain team dynamics.

The Wave® Team Roles Report highlights an individual’s most and least preferred roles in the workplace and how to leverage them effectively working with others. It is used for:

  • Team building
  • Enhancing workplace productivity
  • Group development and self-awareness
  • M & A Activity

This highly visual report identifies an individual's preferences based on the way they interact with others and approach their work. The graphics display an individual's scores across eight work team role types. The use of icons helps to provide a visual cue for individual’s to identify with in group facilitation settings. The individual’s two most and least preferred roles are highlighted with detailed descriptive summaries.

The report also looks at the contrasts between the most and least preferred roles and the associated behaviors. Advisory points are made on the potential contribution to enhanced team group performance. Developmental aspects such as how to make the most of your work role, working with different roles and those most similar to your own are also included.

The Wave® Team Roles Report is useful for:

  • High performing teams
  • Facilitating change management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Behavioral change
  • Quick and easy data collection with straightforward reporting

Wave Team Roles Report

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