Wave Leadership Impact

Identify and Develop Your Leaders

The new Leadership Impact model is the latest milestone in our international program of leadership data collection, analysis and refinement.

By focusing on a leader’s impact, we can provide an exceptionally efficient model of leadership effectiveness.

Based on Saville's extensive research, the scales in our Leadership Impact model have been grouped under the three P’s of leadership; Professional, People, and Pioneering, representing the three main approaches to effective workplace leadership.

The Leadership Report is powered by Wave® Professional Styles and has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Impact model bridges the gap between specific behaviors and organizational level outcomes
  • Provides positively framed, work-relevant development advice avoiding potential for negative impact
  • Uses the Wave deep-dives to identify leadership potential and provide extra levels of details for powerful conversation
  • Impact model resonates strongly with end users for improved reflection and performance

The leadership impact potential prediction gives a unique prediction of likely strengths and limitations against nine key impact areas. Under the nine key impact areas sit 18 leadership styles. The report includes reflections for development to encourage self-awareness and development. A Situational Leadership Effectiveness Profile shows situations where the individual is likely to be most and least effective.

Wave Leadership Impact Report

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