Wave Professional Styles

A Quantum Leap in Assessment Technology

Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles measures motives, talents, preferred culture and competency potential in one dynamic online questionnaire. It is designed for use in both selection and development, transforming the assessment process with the sophisticated use of internet technology and powerful models of effectiveness in the workplace.

This comprehensive questionnaire measures the 4 clusters, 12 sections, 36 dimensions and 108 facets of the Wave hierarchical model. Average completion time is 40 minutes.

The Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles assessment is based on the outcome of an extensive international research programme focused on creating leading edge assessments. The items selected for this assessment are proven to provide an accurate measure of work competencies and overall measures of performance and potential.

In a 2008 co-validation study, Wave® Professional Styles outperformed the OPQ32i™, NEO-PI-R™, Hogan Personality Inventory™, 16PF5™, and 15FQ+™ on both work competencies and overall measures of performance.

For users, this higher validity means:

  • Better prediction of performance.
  • Greater return on investment.
  • Accurate identification and management of talent.
  • Highly targeted coaching.
  • The development of a performance culture throughout an organisation.

Wave® Professional Styles can be used to power a number of other reports, including:

  • Wave Leadership Report
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  • Wave Entrepreneurial Report
  • Wave Team Roles Report
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  • Wave Reflections Report
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