Wave Focus Styles

Powerfully Valid, Short Assessment

Saville Consulting Wave® Focus Styles also measures motives, talents, preferred culture and competency potential in one dynamic online questionnaire. This short, 13 minute questionnaire powerfully provides 80% of the validity of Wave® Professional Styles.

Wave® Focus Styles was developed by selecting the most predictive facets from the Wave® Professional Styles assessment, based on their measurement of work competencies and overall measures of performance and potential.

Like the Wave® Professional Styles, this assessment is ideal for selection, development, team dynamics workshops and leadership development.

In a recent 2008 co-validation study, Wave® Focus was found to have the highest “horsepower” compared with similar assessments, making it a quick, yet powerful assessment that slots seamlessly into tightly scheduled assessment centres and online recruitment platforms.

Wave® Focus Styles can be used to power a number of other reports, including:

  • Wave Entrepreneurial Report
  • Wave Team Roles Report
  • Wave Types Report
  • Wave Development Report
  • Wave Interview Guide

Wave Focus Styles Expert Report

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